Custom Portrait Drawing Handmade- Unique Personal Gift Idea For 39.95 GBP

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Would you like to have a realistic portrait drawn? Then you are at the right place at LG Multi Art. With us you can go for the most beautiful portrait drawings of the highest quality. Many satisfied customers have been ahead of you with very different wishes. To date, we have still been able to meet these requirements. You can think of a portrait of your newborn baby, a wedding or a big love. We have also often made portraits of pets and idols. A portrait drawing is an ultimate gift for a loved one, but of course for yourself too.

Have a special photo painted

First of all, it is important that you know that the portraits signed by us are always taken from a photograph. For the highest possible quality of the portrait, it is essential that we receive a picture of the highest possible quality from you. You can say, the higher the quality of the photo, the more beautiful the portrait will eventually become.

About our portrait drawings

Our portrait drawings are drawn with the utmost precision and attention to every detail. With an end result where it looks like you are looking at a picture, but with more feeling, more emotional value. When you see the portraits that have been delivered by us, you will definitely see the added value compared to a normal photograph or print. A drawn portrait gives an extra dimension and emotional value to the performance. A signed portrait is a beautiful gesture as a gift for a loved one & the response to a portrait will be prohibitive. It is a unique work of art and also a memory for life. At XIEO you have many options with regard to the portrait drawings. You can think of different performances, such as people, animals or objects and of course different formats. Everything to your liking!

Soft Pastel color portrait drawing

It is also possible for us to draw a portrait in color. For this we use pastel chalk. Pastel chalk or pastel is a soft kind of chalk pen that can be drawn in a very picturesque way. Contrary to what the name would suggest, with pastel also very bright colors can be obtained.

Unique and worthy reminder to a deceased dear person or pet.

We also regularly get the question whether we can make a drawing of a deceased person or pet. This is of course no problem at all. Precisely this is a unique gesture and possibility for a worthy reminder of a unique person in your life. We will therefore do this with much love for you. With us it is possible to have a lifelike portrait of an important person or pet in your life. A portrait drawing of a lost or loved pet is a unique and warm way to capture a memory of a loved one, a beautiful portrait in memory of a unique person or animal in your life.

Guarantees from LG Multi Art

  • No mass production, but a unique work of art
    100% quality guarantee
    Clear prices, we do not like surprises at LG Multi Art
We guarantee 100% satisfaction!
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