Common questions

Question: How can I ensure that I get the best drawing of my photo? A: There are a few things to look out for. First make sure your photo is taken in a well-lit room Secondly, make sure that the photo is not blurred Third, if possible, try to send a photo you are looking at, look straight at the camera. These photographs usually produce the most accurate portraits. Fourth, check the size of the photo! The size of the photo determines how many details we can see, and the more detailed we can be, the better the similarity that we can achieve. An image of which one face occupies the largest part of the photo must be at least 500 × 1000. And an image with two or more people must be at least 1000 × 2000. Top tip – If you take a picture with your phone, instead of taking the picture yourself using the front camera, have someone else take it with the camera on the back. The camera on the back of your phone is always of better quality and gets more details than the front. Photo quality remains the responsibility of the customer and we of XIEO will do the best we can with photos we have received, regardless of their quality. Question: The people (or pets) that I want to sign are on different photos. Can you make a drawing from different photos? A: This is not a problem, because we routinely do this kind of thing! Question: Do you also do canvas towels? A. We can offer canvas options, but we believe that these drawings have the most amazing effect when they are framed. All printed drawings are delivered on a high-quality special paper. Question: I want to have my drawing in the style of a drawing that I have seen on your website / Facebook page. Can I have it in exactly the same style?

A: If you want your drawing to be done in a certain style, we recommend that you place a copy of that drawing with your order so that we know what you prefer. We will always do our best to make sure you are happy and get the style you want. Question: How long does it take before I receive my order? A: The answer depends on the format in which you want it to be delivered. The image file will be sent to you by email within 24 hours! That is really fast! Because these are all original works of art, they must actually be made before they can be delivered. Printing the images can take up to 1-2 business days, depending on how busy we are. If we send it by mail it will take about 1-2 days before you have it. For those of you who are in a hurry, we can prioritize your order, but there are additional costs. Please note: during exceptionally busy times, orders may take longer than indicated, but we will make every effort to minimize such delays.

Q. Can I make changes to my order after my order (such as adding text or extra photos, for example)? A. Unfortunately, changes can no longer be allowed after the order has already been placed. This is because it then becomes an administrative and technical nightmare for us. PLEASE NOTE: we can only use one photo per person to draw from a face – we can not use multiple photos to capture the likeness. Q. Can I make a bank transfer instead of paying PayPal? A. Unfortunately we can not offer a different payment method than via Paypal. Do not worry if you do not have a PayPal account, because with Paypal you can pay securely via your credit or debit card. We have found that Paypal is one of the most trusted payment solutions available and offers excellent protection for both buyers and sellers. Q. What happens if I want my photo to be edited?

A. Because it takes a lot of time and money to create these drawings, we generally can not make any changes. If there is a big mistake, we will of course like to solve this, but the final decision on this is taken by us at XIEO. Q. Can I change my delivery address? A. We are really sorry, but on the advice of PayPal we can only deliver to the address that is connected to your PayPal account. Question: I want my drawing in the style of a drawing that I have seen on your website / Facebook page. Can I have this exactly the same style? A: If you want your drawing to be done in a certain style, we recommend that you place a copy of that drawing with your order so that we know what you prefer. We always do our best to ensure this style, but can not guarantee it. Question: I want to upload more photos than the website allows, what should I do? Answer: You can make the order normal and send the photos to our e-mail [email protected] Make a note when placing your order that you have done this

Question: I have placed an order but want to change it. Can I do this? Answer: Once an order has been placed, we prefer not to change it because it can become an administrative nightmare. Try to make sure you have selected the desired photos and have thought of all aspects of the order before you place them. Of course you can always ask, and if the order is not processed and you would like to make a small change, we will see what we can do, but we make no promises in this regard. Question: If I do not like the drawing, can I get a refund? Answer: There should be no reason that you will not like your drawing. As long as the sent photos meet the described standards, your drawing will be fine. As a general rule, we do not make changes to drawings after they are completed. In circumstances where we have not provided for the service for which we have been paid, we are happy to offer you a full refund. Unfortunately, due to the nature of our company, we can not process a refund if (a) your drawing has been passed on to us to be signed, or (b) you have received your drawing (digitally or printed) because of all the time and costs it has incurred to bring along. You can contact us at any time and you will receive a response within 24 hours and usually much, much faster! TERMS AND CONDITIONS Refund and refund Since these are personalized items, we do not have a refund or refund policy, as does our legal right. If you are not satisfied with your order, please contact us to discuss further. Artistic license It is important to note that these drawings are not intended as portraits – they are caricatures and as such there may be small differences in shapes / colors. If the photo meets our standard for quality and resemblance, we are unfortunately unable to offer changes.

Product description

Our work is hand drawn with traditional pencil and paper, paints or drawn with a bamboo tablet or a similar modern method that helps speed up drawing and drawing. easy to make minor changes when needed.

Time scales

The time estimates we give are given in good faith and we do our best to meet them, but there may be situations where the drawings take a little longer than expected. If you want to check the status of your order, we kindly request that you do not contact us until 10 working days have passed since the date on which you placed your order. Please note: we will do our best to keep all instructions from the customer for the drawing, but it is always advisable to keep these instructions simple and to the point. Eventually we pull out your photos and we can not change the way someone looks (by changing facial expressions, etc.) and still achieve a good resemblance of the subject.